The Style For Wedding Gown

wChoose the perfect wedding gown style for your body type,how to determine which gown will fit and flatter you best.
From slenderizing goddess gowns to bust-minimizing one-strap dresses, these wedding gownes will fit and flatter every curve.Start by searching through our designer wedding gown galleries for thousands of gowns and wedding accessories to find the right style for you.
Choosing the wedding gown style can be hard enough sometimes, whether to go for the A-Line, or Grecian etc but once you have finally found the perfect style of wedding gown, there are still a few more choices to make. Picking the right sleeves and neckline can transform a nice dress into something stunning.
1) Long or Three-Quarter Sleeves
This option can be attached to, or separate from the wedding gown. It is often used to detract the eye from the fuller hipped bride. Long sleeves will also conceal larger arms and cover square shoulders if they are loose sleeves. Although, if you have long well-toned arms you might as well flaunt them with a sleeveless style. Also, if you are petite, avoid this look as it can make your arms look out of scale.
2) Short Sleeves
This is an ideal compromise if you want to cover your shoulders. They can balance a pear-shaped look and square rounded shoulders if you use shoulder pads. If you have toned arms this look will show them off as well as helping balance out those with small shoulders. Short sleeves will help break the line of taller brides, making you look smaller. Although, if you have broad shoulders, this look tends to emphasize them.
3) Spaghetti Straps
Straps can create a frame for a pretty neck and reduce big shoulders. Although if you have a large bust, opt for wider straps to avoid unsightly red marks. This look is perfect for those with toned arms and shoulders. Try and avoid this look if you have angular shoulders and large arms.
4) Strapless
This elegant look suits those with long neck, good shoulders and well-toned arms. This wedding gown style also lends the opportunity to accessorise with beautiful jewellery. Try to avoid this look if you have a larger bust, as the strapless look is unlikely to give you the support you need.
5) Halter neck
This is a more unusual style for wedding gownes, but they do expose shoulders and toned arms to your advantage. The continuity of the line makes you look taller if you are petite. However, the continuation of the line will also exaggerate those with a wider hip.
6) Bateau
This look shows-off pretty collarbones and elegant necks to stunning effect. A perfect design for those with narrower shoulders, like Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
7) V-line
This look can be stunning if you have a little cleavage to flaunt, especially if you match it with pretty jewellery. When matched with a good bra this look can be tastefully sexy. Be careful however, if you have a small bust, as this will be exaggerated.
8) Sweetheart
This is probably the second-most popular style after straight strapless as it forms a pretty, romantic neckline with a natural heart shape, adding to the impression of innocence. For those with a generous bust, this option adds a sexier style with a hint of cleavage. Although avoid this if you don’t have an attractive neck, or just accessorise with pretty jewellery.
9) Dipped
This is a curved shape neckline which doesn’t go as low as the sweetheart cut. This style effectively hides fleshy underarms and is flattering for any bust size. However be careful to avoid the ‘double bust’ if you have a generous bust.

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